It’s okay.

It is amazing when you lose something so dearly how you become so much more consciously aware of other talking about “it” (enter whatever you lost here) all the time around you. Most likely people have been talking about “it” the same amount of time when you had “it,” but now that it is gone you notice it SO much more.

My ears perk up everytime someone is talking about their hair. . . complaining about having a bad hair day, how much they hate, how badly they need a haircut or maybe they just had one. My heart would break everytime I would hear these conversations and I would think to myself “if they only knew how good they have it.”

That was then.

In the first year of my journey when the pain was unbearable while not understanding WHY this was happening to me.

No more.

My mom would catch herself talking about going to get her haircut and would immediately change the subject while friends would do that same exact thing OR notice what they had said and apologize profusely.


This is life. I don’t want you to feel that you are walking on eggshells around me. Live and love your life and tell me ALL about it!!! I NEVER want anyone to feel bad for ever talking about their hair about me!

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It’s okay! I want to hear about you, your life, your ups and downs. However, I might help you refocus your perspective on what truly a bad day really is! I live it everyday!! LOL

Would I LOVE to have a day to myself where I get pampered having my hair washed, massaged and cut again? Absolutely. I dream about it! But it is never going to happen. So, I want that for EVERYONE else. I want YOU to enjoy it every single time!!

We must enjoy and celebrate what we do have instead allowing what we have lost to hold us back. Yesterday already happened. There is NOTHING we can change about the past, except learn from it. MOVE ON.

Focus on TODAY and how today can make your tomorrow that much better!

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