No Envy, No Fear.

It truly was the most magical moment of my life. I mean who gets to have the artist who wrote the song you danced to at your wedding actually sing you the song in person?!

The first song that Joshua Radin sang when he got on stage meant so much to me because I have listened to the song SO many time but I never “listened” to it as I did Saturday night.

“Some are reaching, few are there Want to reign from a hero’s chair Some are scared to fly so high Well this is how we have to try Have no envy and no fear Have no envy and no fear”

MANY days of the past four years (and practically my entire life) have been filled with so much envy and so much fear. My entire life I would look at others wanting their lives, their success, their bodies, their hair

It is amazing how when you lose something you become so much more consciously aware of others talking about “it.” After I lost my hair, the only thing I could see was other people’s beautiful hair and hear them talking about how they are having a bad hair day.

YOU are having a bad hair day?? Look at me!!

My fear of life without hair held me back from SO much. . . going out with friends, taking pictures with my family,

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I was envious of everyone and scared of myself. Listening to him sing those lyrics it hit me HARD. No longer am I looking at other with envy. No longer am I living in fear. Rather I am walking with my head held high proud to be me.

These lyrics remind me that we are ALL on this journey of life and battling something in our lives that causes so much envy and fear.

I am here to tell YOU that regardless of what is going on in your life you are so much strong than any envy or fear that is controlling your life. YOU BE YOU and NO ONE ELSE. WHY? Because that is how God created you because he knew you have the strength deep inside of you to fight ANYTHING. And that strength can and will inspire SO many that you might not even know are watching.

Have no envy, no fear.

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