So, I peed my pants yesterday!

True story.

I drink about 130 oz of water from 7am until the end of the school day at 2:30pm. So whenever I leave school I ALWAYS have to pee. . .

Yesterday was no exception.

You might ask why didn’t I just pee before I leave school??? That is the same damn question I ask myself daily and the WHOLE time while driving home. I am just ready to get home and I am EXTREMELY stubborn. . . I just tell myself that I can make it home. And everyday I DO!!

Well, not yesterday!!!

The 12 minute drive home was THE longest drive home EVER. It felt as though everyone was driving at least 10 MPH under the speed limit!! TWO different times I told myself that I will just stop at the next gas station. Whenever I was close to one, the sensation wasn’t as intense so I just kept driving!


I was 2 minutes away from home and the pressure was so intense that I unbuttoned my pants while drive hoping for some relief!! IT WAS NOT WORKING!!!

I started flying down my street like a neurotic woman and starting praying to NOT pee myself.

God did not answer my prayer.

I pressed the garage opener at least 20 times to get the garage open as quick as possible. When I turned up our steep driveway the pressure was too much and a little dribbled out. The thought of being SO close to the toilet made my heart so happy but it started the pee was at it wits end! I parked my car, not even turning off the engine and ran into the house on my toes just as my bladder started to relieve itself!!


I am a grown ass woman who just peed her pants THREE damn feet from the toilet. WHAT IS MY LIFE COMING TO?!?!

There was nothing to do but call my husband laughing hysterically to tell him that I just peed my pants!!

Moral of the story: STOP BEING SO DAMN STUBBORN. Not about peeing, but in your life all together. Ask for help when you need help. Do NOT think you can do everything on your own.

And find laughter in as many situations as possible. Trust your body. Trust your mind. ​And DAMN IT when you have to pee, PEE!!

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