The one thing I want back!

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You don’t realize how much your body hair is needed until you no longer have it!

It is VERY nice that I don’t have to shave my legs or armpits. . . EVER. They are silky and smooth ALL the time. I don’t have to worry about waxing my eyebrows or the random mustache hairs on top of my lip. Or looking down at your toes in sandals and seeing hair on your big toe!  You know you have it!  It happens to the best of us.

Would I love to have my eyebrows back? Sure. But I am telling you microblading is LIFE CHANGING.  Am I over having my eyelashes start to fall off as I am teaching my students, working out or at a some function? ABSOLUTELY.

What I would take back in a heartbeat (besides my hair ofcourse) are my frickin nose hairs!!! I didn’t realize until one year ago that when all of my hair fell out… it ALL fell out. I will just be sitting her and snot will drip right out my nose. Gross I know. But it’s life. As I was riding my bike in my duathlon last night my nose was a damn running faucet that I just can’t turn off.

Who ever knew that your nose hairs. . . yes the ones growing out of men’s noses. . . is a NECESSITY to life?!

Damn those nose hairs.

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