Working out is NOT the problem. . .

Let's talk about rationalization. . . How often do you find yourself telling yourself that it is okay to eat that ice cream because you worked out that day? I am raising my hand a million times over.

Why do we do this?  Well, when feel guilty for eating the ice cream and it creates anxiety for us we tell ourselves that it is okay because we worked out. This is what our "good" friend Sigmund Freud calls "defense mechanisms."  He says that we continually try to reduce our anxiety by using one of the several defense mechanism to make us feel a little better. For example, when you have a crappy day you make go home and go for a run, listen to

music, or maybe take a nap to get rid of some of that anxiety/anger that has built up inside of us by doing something productive with it. This is what we call sublimation. Rationalization is my arch nemesis. I use it WAY too often. Working out is NOT my issue. Food is. I allow myself to indulge way too much because I tell myself it is "okay" because I worked out that day. When we rationalize we are preserving our self-esteem. We are making ourselves feel better (reducing the anxiety) about eating that slice of pizza by justifying the behavior with a "logical" reason. . . I worked out today so it's okay!  Is rationalization always bad? Absolutely not. We need to for our sanity! However, when you have a goal that you are working your ass off to reach and you are continually rationalization your actions to make yourself feel better you will NEVER hit your goal. We have to remember that when we make small little change

s in our life like skipping the ice cream one night that will add up to a BIG change. We have to stop rationalizing and have more power of our own actions.   What is more important to you? That slice of pizza or hitting your goal? You HAVE to make the choice and when you choose your goal as top priority and you finally reach it you will finally prove to yourself that you are capable of truly anything when you put your mind to it!

Here is my challenge to you today: 1. Make a list of your top 3 priorities today. 2. Create an action plan for each prioriority.  3. STICK TO THE PLAN. Do not deviate from the list.  4. Repeat daily. Then on Friday AFTER you have completed your list THEN you may reward yourself.  That reward will mean SO much more than all the tiny rewards to give to ourselves far too often. And remember, we don't always have to turn to food as a reward, be creative!!

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