You are not alone.

We try to pretend like everything is okay. We put a smile on our face and keep grinding.

Why do we try to hide what is going on inside of us? Why do we only talk or post about all the wonderful things going on in our lives? Why are we afraid what other people will think? For too long in my life I have felt alone. Feeling that I was the only one feeling this way.

Anxiety and depression is NEVER something to be ashamed of. I use to think I was the only one who felt this heaviness on my chest that I just couldn’t shake or relax. And this feeling was ALL the time (and still is.)

Did you know that anxiety disorders are THE most common mental illness in the United States, affecting 40 million

adults age 18 and older? That is 18.1% of the population. Here is the thing. . . anxiety disorders are HIGHLY treatable, yet only about 36% of those suffering receive treatment.

WHY IS THAT?!? Because we are afraid. We are afraid that we are the only one. We are afraid of being statistic. We are afraid of being “labeled.”

STOP letting fear control your life. Stop being afraid of fear because on the other side of fear

is opportunity. Allow fear to challenge and strengthen you rather than holding you back from endless possibilities.

I am here to say that I battle anxiety and depression. I was afraid to get help, but I stopped allowing fear to hold me back and I got help. And so can you.


As women, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends we MUST take care of ourselves.  We have to

put ourselves first especially when it comes to our well being. Too often we put others and their happiness before ourselves. What starts to happen is we forget about taking caring about our self and we are put on the back burner. Then the tension builds up and we start to feel weak and broken down.

THIS is when YOU need to realize where you are mentally.  When you are able to discover your weakness that is when you realize how truly strong you are.

Having anxiety and/or depression is NOTHING to be ashamed of. . .  our society has drastically changed over the past 20 years. We put so much more pressure on ourselves to succeed in everything that we do. . . mostly because we are comparing ourselves to others more times than not due to social media.

Yes, I want to be the best at EVERYTHING that I do. This is a strength and a HUGE weakness of mine.  I take too much on, I can’t say no, and I want to be better than I was yesterday. I set high expectations for myself and when I am not achieving them my anxiety goes through the roof. I need to relax more but that just is NOT in my DNA.

I take both an antipsychotic and antidepressant and I am NOT ashamed of taking them. My brain and body physically needs them to survive each day. Anxiety disorders develop from a complex of risk factors, including genetics, brain chemistry, personality, and life events.

You are not weak for having an anxiety disorder, you are strong because you got help.

​I am here for you.

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