Ready to ignite the spark in your team? McKenna knows how to ignite that spark, and how to keep it burning long after she’s left the stage. 

McKenna is known as an inspirational force for leadership, team building, and extreme performance, helping build world-class teams that succeed time and again in the face of great challenge and change.

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Either you allow it To define you OR you define it.
-Mckenna reitz



Lourdes University Women's Basketball Coach

“Coach Reitz came in and worked with our team at setting up core values and finding ways to communicate that has been a foundation for our program all season.  Her insight into sports, players, coaches, and being a strong leader is so passionate that it is hard not to spend time with her and feel driven to be your very best as a person!  She has creative ways to connect both players and coaches so that everyone can be on the same page and reach the goals they set together. In one word, Coach Reitz is AMAZING!”



CEO, Author, Speaker, Attorney

"McKenna is an excellent speaker and I highly recommend her for any organization, school or community event that needs an uplifting voice, and a powerful message of compassion, truth, hope, and love. 


I’m so grateful for McKenna, and her conscious decision to live with a high degree of authenticity, vulnerability, and transparency that allows people to deeply connect with her, as they will begin to see pieces of hope, promise and love in themselves."  READ MORE


Master of Ceremonies

'Recently I had the pleasure of absorbing a presentation by McKenna and walked away from being inspired, motivated, challenged, and moved to embrace my life as it presents itself to me that day and every day with ownership and positivity. I would encourage and recommend that you invite her to speak to your team, group, organization, family, or whomever to have the experience of interacting with a truly dynamic individual with a story to tell that is one that you will be fortunate to hear!"