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Hey there! Let's transform life's challenges into opportunities and thrive together.

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I empower ambitious individuals to transform life’s challenges into opportunities, enabling them to lead with confidence, resilience, and purpose.


Creating Empowered Leaders and Thriving Communities

Ready to ignite a fire in your team, company, or community? I am here to light that spark and ensure it keeps burning long after she leaves the stage.

I am an inspirational force for leadership, team building, and extreme performance, helping build world-class teams that succeed time and again in the face of great challenge and change.

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What people are saying about McKenna

"McKenna is a beautiful example of the power of making your mess your message. I was thrilled to share her powerful story in Woman's Day."

Meaghan B Murphy Author Your Fully Charged Life, Editor-in-Chief Woman's Day, Co-Host Off the Gram Podcast

"McKenna is such a force. She wears her own challenges so visibly and beautifully in a way that encourages other people to put themselves out there, to come forward, to speak up, and to go after what they want, no matter what might be holding them back. She encourages you to turn your challenges into your biggest triumphs and to put yourself out there in such a big way, no matter your obstacles, because you are worth it."

AMY PORTERFIELD Online Marketing Expert, Author of Two Weeks Notice, Podcast Host

“McKenna is a bright light both on and off the stage! She is a real-life example of strength, power, and perseverance.”

 Co-Founder at Super Connector Media,

“Coach Reitz insight into sports, players, coaches, and being a strong leader is so passionate that it is hard not to spend time with her and feel driven to be your very best as a person! She has creative ways to connect both players and coaches so that everyone can be on the same page and reach the goals they set together. In one word, Coach Reitz is AMAZING!”

TANDY BRADFORD Lourdes University Women's Basketball Coach

"McKenna is an excellent speaker and I highly recommend her for any organization, school or community event that needs an uplifting voice, and a powerful message of compassion, truth, hope, and love."

 CEO, Author, Speaker, Attorney

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Meet McKenna

McKenna Reitz, a TEDx speaker and former AP Psychology teacher, is a beacon of resilience and empowerment. Known for her transformative leadership, she's turned her alopecia journey into a powerful call for growth, earning accolades like Toledo 20 Under 40 and the 'I Make a Difference' award.

With degrees from Hope College and the University of Toledo, she champions educational and personal development. A celebrated coach and motivational speaker, McKenna inspires audiences nationwide with her message of turning challenges into opportunities, featured on platforms like Forbes and Good Morning America. Based in Sylvania, Ohio, she embodies purpose-driven leadership, advocating for empowerment through adversity.

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